Sunday, March 2, 2014


To erect a perpendicular to a chain line from a point on it 

The method of establishing perpendiculars with the tape is base on familiar geometric construction. The flowing is same of the methods most commonly used.

3.4.5. method

Establish at point A at a distance of 3m from C. put zero end end of the tape (10m long) at A end the 10m end at C. the 5m and 6m mark brought together to from a loop of 1m. the tape is now stretched tight by fastening  the end A and C. the point A is thus establish the angle BCA will be 900    one person can be set out angle by this method.

2nd method

Select E and F Equidistant from C hold the zero end on the tape at E and 10 meter            end at F. pickup 5m mark, stretch the tight and establish D. joint DC .

3rd method

Select any point F outside the chain line preferably at 5m distance from C. hold 5m mark at F 20m mark at C Witch as center draw and arg to cut the line at E. join EF and produce in to D such that EF = FD = 5m. next dust point D will lie at the 10m mark of the tape head along EF with end zero at E join DC. 


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